Patrick Cellars Ltd founded in 1994. After a long history in the trade of the Cachia family from 1935 in distributing Maltese beers. I. Vince Cachia, together with my father Patrick Cachia, decided to open a new business in the wines & spirits sector. IN 1998 the company was handed over to me starting with a small turnover and buying locally to turn the company and start a new era in importing instead of buying locally. By creating a perfect system of sales, purchasing and distribution with a great teamwork we achieved to reach high and competing in local and international markets. Today after fighting many battles in our market, Patrick Cellars has become one of Malta's leading Wines & Spirits importers.

Our Aim...

"With clever methods, years of experience and world top leading brands we dedicate our full strenght in providing excellent service and flexibility in every case and situation. We are able to give expert advise on every demand of product. I believe a deal is more like a relationship rather than just a transaction with numbers and figures. Always seeking for new challenges in our trade and watching overall European markets and negotiating always the best deals in Europe in our products."

Our Shop: