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Barone di Bolaro

barone_mainIt is told that the cultivation of vines in Italy has ancient origins and most likely the southern regions of the Italian peninsular were the first to develop and produce wine.  The subsequent spread of wine production throughout the country led in time to Italy becoming famous for its culture of the vine and this is demonstrated to such a degree that Sofocle in the 5th century defined the Italian land “the chosen land of Bacco”.


All great wines are born of an accurate selection of the best vines, of the passion dedicated to their daily care and the techniques used to nurture them to produce the very best wine, as well as the land and the climatic factors which all must combine to obtain the correct balance which ensures high quality.  The respect of and value given to these ensure the brand Barone di Bolaro is ever more a guarantee and synonym of quality.


The company philosophy of Barone di Bolaro is to concentrate our selection of fine wine in the areas of the Calabrian peninsular which offer the most well know vines to enable us to bring to you a selection of high quality wines with notable characteristics.

Another important point which distinguishes Barone di Bolaro from other similar companies is the meticulous detail to which we go to ensure our wines are presented in the most aesthetically pleasing manner.  The combination of art and wine has always been greatly appreciated and explored,  and exactly from this complex of cultures have we found the right balance to pair our fine wines to hand made artisan labels in terracotta.  This limited and numbered collection of “little works of art”, help us to give added value to our production and reinforce the tradition and culture which binds fine wine to our land.  

Owning a bottle of Brutio will not only be an expression of your search for fine wine and your appreciation of something extraordinary, but, it will also bring with it the satisfaction of knowing that you own a “little masterpiece”, unique of its kind, and demonstrated by the originality and care given to its creation by the master artisan who fashioned it by hand.

Tenuta Olim Bauda


When an activity like wine making – poetical and practical at the same time – is passed down from father to son for four generations, not only are inherited land and experience but also passion, and loving care . These, along with knowledge and learning, are the basic elements of a glass of wine great.


The Estate was first managed by great grand-father Giacinto, then by grand father Giovanni, and finally by Agostino, father of Dino, Diana and Gianni, who now are at the helm of it. Since 1998, Dino has been in charge of the vineyards and production, Diana of the administration, and Gianni of the  commercial and customer relations aspects .
Year after year, the three Bertolino brothers have studied the wine-making process carefully  and learnt all its secrets. Now they offer well-known wines of superb and appreciated quality.
They are currently supported in their activities by  agronomist Federico Curtaz, and oenologist Giuseppe Caviola.




Vinicola Bellini


DESCRIZIONE DELL’AZIENDA - La cantina F.lli Bellini si trova al centro del paese di Rùfina in una palazzina del 1940, costruita sul nucleo di una vecchia colonica della quale conserva ancora alcune strutture.

Il Chianti Rùfina proviene dalle vigne della Fattoria Monte e della Fattoria Il Pozzo, integrate da poche uve acquistate in zona. La Fattoria Monte ha come edificio una villa seicentesca edificata su un preesistente nucleo del XII secolo. I Poderi Il Pozzo, con le caratteristiche coloniche toscane sono situati nel cuore del Chianti Rùfina in un paesaggio collinare dove insieme alle vigne si alternano alberi da frutto e olivi.

STORIA DELL'AZIENDA E DELLE PERSONE - La Famiglia Bellini appartiene ad una vecchia generazione di proprietari terrieri di Rùfina. La Cantina fu fondata nella seconda metà dell'ottocento dai trisavoli degli attuali proprietari, i quali iniziarono a commerciare i vini delle loro fattorie di Rùfina, insieme ad altri prodotti agricoli ed ai caratteristici insaccati toscani. Negli anni '50 Carlo Bellini, dette notevole impulso alla Cantina, iniziando la partecipazione a Fiere specializzate ed instaurando attraverso una catena di rappresentanti ed importatori, una rete commerciale che ha portato i vini Bellini in tutto il mondo. Oggi la Cantina si avvale dell'apporto della nuova generazione, nelle persone del nipote Maurizio Masi e delle figlie Alessandra e Maria Letizia che hanno ampliato e modernizzato la Cantina dirigendo la propria attenzione verso nuovi mercati come l'Estremo Oriente e potenziando quelli già acquisiti come l'Europeo e l'Americano. I vini Bellini sono prodotti ed imbottigliati secondo le più moderne tecnologie, ma sempre nel rispetto dell'antica tradizione toscana hanno inoltre ottenuto nel 1999 la Certificazione UNI EN ISO 9002 per il Controllo della Qualità, garantendo così un prodotto sempre migliore ed un servizio adeguato.

BIOGRAFIA DEL TITOLARE - Maurizio Masi, dopo aver conseguito la Laurea in Chimica Industriale, ha affiancato lo zio nella direzione della Cantina. Successivamente, insieme alle cugine Alessandra e Maria Letizia entrambe laureate in Farmacia, ha continuato lo sviluppo dell'azienda.

VINI PRODOTTI - Chianti Rùfina d.o.c.g., Chianti d.o.c.g., Vini toscani d.o.c., Vini Rossi, Bianchi e Rosati da Tavola.


Vinicola Crisera


Established in 1957 Casa Vinicola Crisera' boasts a long family tradition of love and dedication to the land, vineyards and good wine.This calabrian family has a long winemaking tradition and that is has been handing down from generation to generation.Today, the firm is growing and flourishing like the vines.

Crisera' has developed over the years and while it has not changed its focus dedication to making wholesome wines from fine quality grapes, it now uses the most modern technologies in order to be highly competitive.Renowned specialists help achieve the stringent quality standards that will satisfy the most demanding and knowledgeable clientele.

The Crisera' philosophy is expressed through personal contacts with italian and international clients, who are welcome to visit the vineyards where they can taste the wide selection of wines made in our cellars.
Criserà makes and bottles the finest wines in Calabria to offer its customers:
COSTA VIOLA, a wine that awakens the palate to the delights of a magnificent land;
RED OF SCILLA, the oldest wine in the Calabria, rubicond and fruity;
ARGHILLA' a warm, velvety red;
PELLARO, a red with fine, persistent bouquet that is aged in barriques;
CALABRIA, a blend of grapes grouwn between two seas;
CIRO' DOC and other wines that are rich in character and personality.


Vinicola Paolo Scavino



A name a family. The name is of the founder: Paolo Scavino wha established the estate in 1921 in Castiglione Falletto, in the heart of the Langhe area and one of the historical townships of Barolo. Paolo immediately started to bottle the best wines.

The name remained even after the passing away of Paolo Scavino. It is a remembrance, a sign of affection and of gratitude. At the present time there are two other generations of Scavino: Enrico who followed in the footsteps of his father Paolo ever since he was a child and saw the results of his work grow while he gradually entered, step by step and nearly walking on tiptoe, into the Olympus of the Barolo producers and the young Enrica and Elisa, the daughters of Enrico and of Anna Maria, that are starting to take care of the management of the estate with new pasion and skill.

A family history of women and men of the Langhe area, bound to the soil, to the vineyards, to the slow and practically ancient rhythms of the Piedmont countryside. The roots of the Scavino family are in this land that make who was born here lucky: Barolo, exclusively made with indigenous Nebbiolo grapes and one of the greatest wines in the world, is produced here. One of the few wines that speaks Piedmontese, but that is understood by everyone from the USA to Japan.



The Scavino family members say that wine is made in the vineyard. They are growers convinced that there is a tie with the territory, with nature, with the changing of seasons and with the changing of vintages. They have a modern cellar, they are considered innovators, they have made extremely modern choices in their production techniques, they travel the world presenting their bottles. But wine made in the vineyard, they keep repeating due to their longstanding experience. Wine is made taking care of the old vines, that are able to offer little fruit, but of unforgettable quality. Wine is made by thinning the clusters without any comprimise: very few clusters, the best, only the essence of Nebbiolo. The family works in the vineyard with its heart and the passion of teh experience passed on by three generations of vignerons of the Langhe



There is no place for the discussion about innovators and traditionalists in the cellar: there are barriques and large oak casks as Barolo needs bboth type of wood. As a matter of fact, the most suitable type of wood is needed, consequentlyevery year the barrels and casks of the best French tonneleries are tried out and the ones that offeer the best results for Baolo are chosen. What counts are the results and the wine, not what is in fashion. And time counts because it is time that raws up the history of a family, of an estate, of a territory, of an unforgettable wine. This is why the Scavino family have a large modern cellar where they keep their memory, that is all the Barolo crus, vintage after vintage, so that the emotion of drinking wines can be rediscovered in time.


Vinicola Tombacco

“A great wine is the one which enhances the fragrance, colours and taste that Mother Nature has hidden in the bright grape of ripe grapes. Moreover a great wine has the peculiarity to combine the mysterious and enchanting links between earth and nature”

Tombacco Winery is a qualified company, which has been working actively in the wine market since the beginning of the twentieth-century.

It was born simply as a farm and was qualified just for the production of fruits. Since the very beginning of its work it has been aimed by its love for the earth and tradition. Furthermore it has always made efforts to obtain high quality products without ever failing to meet its customers’ expectations.

In 1919, encouraged by the many results, the company decided to direct its efforts also towards the wine market. So it started with the growing of its vineyards and the production of its own wine. Then it took into a more commercial course and started also to buy wine coming from other companies and other Italian regions, adopting on it its technique and experience to complete and to improve it.

That was the beginning of a company, which has become successful among the Italian and foreign markets, thanks to its various wine.

Because of the quick development of our times and in order to meet all the customers’ requirements, the company decided to make some radical changes in the production: it adopted one of the newest plants for the bottling of wine and together with the modern technologies it gave new impulses to the research and the maintenance of new sales channels.

“The character of wine is first of all determined by the environment: the climate and the geological composition of the earth where grapes are grown”

Located in Trebaseleghe, a small rural town close to Padua, Venice and Treviso, Tombacco Winery is set just in the heart of DOC and IGT regions. It is a protected by mountains area, though it is also close to the sea, rich in rivers and sheltered from the wind. In such conditions the earth gives generously corpse, colour and its special refinement to the wine. Thanks to its long tradition and its widespread presence on the territory the company is able to buy the best wine on very favourable conditions of sale. That is why it is able to offer to its customer a high quality product at very competitive prices.